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Got Back Pain?

Too many adults suffer from back pain. Get it treated and feel better.

Got Neck Pain?

One of the more common issues for adults is neck pain.

In an Auto Accident?

2.9 million Americans suffer injuries from auto accidents each year.

Got Headaches?

Headaches are more common that you may realize. And most people are mistreating headaches by taking painkillers to cover up the symptoms.

Suffering From Sciatica?

Have you suffered from sciatic pain that shoots down one or both legs? Don't wait to get a chiropractic assessment.

Had A Work Injury?

Some people let work injuries linger, but you should see a doctor or chiropractor to get your condition treated.

Got Disc Pain?

Disc pain affects millions of people each day. Unfortunately, most don't address it in the most ideal way.

Have A Pinched Nerve?

Pinched nerves are a sign of something more dangerous. Get checked by a chiropractor as soon as possible if you have this type of pain.

What Is Chiropractic?

Albuquerque Chiropractor Dr. John Vasko can work with YOU to get your body back to peak physical health! Would you put a band aide on a broken arm?

Chiropractor Albuquerque

With Chiropractic care, We Can Help!

chiropractor albuquerque HomeWelcome to Albuquerque Alternative Health, your Chiropractor Albuquerque.  Our Chiropractic office is located at 237 Eubank Blvd Suite A, in beautiful Albuquerque, New Mexico. Albuquerque is the largest city in New Mexico. And there’s nothing we want more than to contribute to the health and well-being of our community!

Living in Pain or Discomfort?  Do you know that Chiropractor Albuquerque can help?  Whether you are suffering from a chronic pain or condition, reoccurring aches and pains- however slight or severe they may feel,  or simply want to improve your overall health or posture; we are here for you!


Our natural healthcare technique allows your body to heal itself, as Nature intended your body to do.  Even headaches and migraines can be handled through chiropractic care!  Pain-killers only temporarily mask the problem and surgery can be dangerous.  Before you go down that dark and frightening road, give us a call and let’s see what we can do for you.

If you’re uncertain about whether Chiropractic can help with your condition, please feel comfortable in knowing you can contact us.  We are here to help answer your questions. Plus, we offer a Special Chiropractor Albuquerque FREE Exam & Consultation to our prospective patients- so you have nothing to lose and only things to gain. This is a $100 Value!

You can come in, discuss your problem with us and find out whether we can help you with the natural healing techniques of Chiropractic care.  All for FREE!

Chiropractor Albuquerque treatment may be able to help.  In fact, you might be surprised at the range of ailments and illnesses that may be improved through chiropractic treatment.

So if you are living in pain, our question to you is: Why?

We use the following techniques here in our Chiropractor Albuquerque office:

* Diversified
* Gonstead
* Activator
* Drop Table
* Extremity Adjustments

And make sure to browse our Services page. We have a list of symptoms we can treat. See if you suffer from any of these, and if you do, then by all means call us today at (505) 273-2910 and let’s get you in!

We’re Here For YOU!

Call (505) 273-2910 to set a Special Chiropractor Albuquerque FREE consultation and In Depth Examination – a $100 Value.  Find out how Chiropractic care can help you live a healthier, more comfortable life!

Patients seeking Chiropractic treatment at Albuquerque Alternative Health can be assured that the most modern, up-to-date techniques are being utilized to facilitate their overall health and wellness goals.

We can help you to restore optimum health to your spine, nervous system and body.  And with 25+ years of experience in areas of spinal injuries, sports injuries, work related injuries, car accidents, and home related stress and injuries, we have the know how needed to assist you.

Chiropractor Albuquerque, Dr. John Vasko DC and his friendly staff look forward to providing you and your family with excellent service and natural healthcare through Chiropractic treatment and therapy.

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